Volvo Penta Marine Parts

Volvo Penta Marine Parts

Duck & Sail provides to you and for your yacht the excellent Volvo Penta Marine Parts delivered straight from our European warehouses. Save your money for fun in the sun and order Volvo Penta Marine Parts on-line with the best price. With passion for the sea we have selected Volvo Penta Marine Parts and other quality products for sailing, water sports, power boating and various outdoor activities for you to enjoy. Buy Volvo Penta Marine Parts now and get your best deal -  from sailor to sailor!

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Anode Aluminium Bar Volvo Duo Prop 852835 Bestseller

Anode Aluminium Bar Volvo Duo Prop 852835

Martyr Aluminum M2 alloy anodes for Volvo Penta stern drive engines. • Protect 50% longer than traditional zinc anode • Weigh 50% less than traditional zinc anodes..

24.23€ Ex Tax: 19.54€

Anode Aluminum Bar Volvo Penta IPS 40005875 Bestseller

Anode Aluminum Bar Volvo Penta IPS 40005875

Aluminum bar for engines Volvo Penta IPS1 drive, IPS2, IPS3, IPS15 (or.ref. 40005875)..

92.64€ Ex Tax: 74.71€

Anode Volvo Penta plate SX (REF. art. 3855411)

Plate for SX/DP-S legs (Or. Ref. 3855411)..

54.38€ Ex Tax: 43.85€

volvo air filter

Air filter dim. Ø internal bore Ø 150 mm. height 90 mm. 95..

32.93€ Ex Tax: 26.56€

Volvo Penta Duo Prop B5 Aluminum Propeller Solas

Aluminium propellers for motoribenzina and Diesel, two thin unitàmolto for a MaxSpeed of 35 knots. Measure B 5..

794.86€ Ex Tax: 641.01€

Volvo Penta Duo Prop A4 Aluminum Propeller Solas

Aluminium propellers for motoriDiesel (KAD300 excluded), measuring at 4..

794.86€ Ex Tax: 641.01€

Kit 4 Mcm lock alpha / bravo1-3 / omc / volvo

Extremely resistant, simple to use, safe, with anti-theft protection system, designed to lock the outboard or the stern drive unit onto the boat transom. Simply replace one of the mounting nuts with a McGard locking nut, and it will be almost impossible to disassemble or steal the outboard engine or the stern drive unit from your boat. A free-spinning collar turns if attacked by gripping tools. Thanks to a personalized key (included in the package) you will be the only one able to unscrew the M..

65.76€ Ex Tax: 53.03€

Volvo Penta SX Rod Anode

Volvo Penta SX stern drive plate anode. Zn = ZincAl = Aluminum..

64.94€ Ex Tax: 52.37€

oil filter volvo 471034.9

Dim oil filter. Ø Ø 97 mm gasket 71 142 15/16-16 UNF step motor height mm. MD40A-THD40A-AQD40A-AQAD40A-TMD40B-TAMD40B-AQAD40B-TMD40C Rep. 471034.9,..

23.12€ Ex Tax: 18.64€

Volvo Penta Duo Prop B4 Aluminum Propeller Solas

Aluminium propellers for motoribenzina and Diesel, two thin unitàmolto for a MaxSpeed of 35 knots. Measure B 4..

794.86€ Ex Tax: 641.01€

aluminium anodes kit for volvo dph

Aluminium anodes kit for engine Volvo Penta dph..

54.44€ Ex Tax: 43.91€

Oil filter Volvo 30788490. R 8692305-30788490

Dim oil cartridge. Ø 65 Ø Ø 33 mm., height 125 mm for engines D3, MY 2009 D3, MY 2010..

30.16€ Ex Tax: 24.32€

oil filter perkins volvo 78x6595 mm 3/4 `- 16 step

Dim oil filter. Ø Ø 78 mm gasket 65 mm. 3/4 step ' 95-16 UNF, # or. PERKINS 140516190 engine, VOLVO MD 2010 A-B REF. or. 861473-7, MD 2020 AB REF. or. 3581621-4, MD 2040-A, MD 2010C-2020 2030 2040 C, MD 1..

19.28€ Ex Tax: 15.55€

Universal Oil Filter for Mercruiser 35-816168, Perkins and Volvo Penta 6612598-4804651

Oil filter BMW engines (D150-D190) MERCRUISER (219-3.0 engines D-D-D-D: D254 3.6 4.2 ref. or. 35816168) PERKINS (4,108 engines, 6,354/T/HT-6,372 8,605 8,511 8,510-V, TV, V-V-V 8,540 8,640 TV 8,640, 1004-to all ref. or. 2654407)..

28.33€ Ex Tax: 22.85€

Volvo Penta cooler large pencil anode with cap 823662

Volvo Penta cooler large pencil anode. Zn = Zinc..

56.92€ Ex Tax: 45.91€

bronze self-priming pump st149

Bronze self-priming pumps, neoprene rotors, to be connected to the motor.Inputs Ø mm. 28, Capacity It./min. 21/56 for engines Aifo, Solé M636,SM636, VM 804M, 806M, Volvo MD22, Perkins, Ford, Mercedes. Spare impeller art.2727105..

369.31€ Ex Tax: 297.83€

universal bar for aq 280-290 single prop

Universal Bar for leg DUO PROP 290 (Or. Ref. 852835)..

32.70€ Ex Tax: 26.37€

zinc plate for bow thrust


18.05€ Ex Tax: 14.55€

impeller jab.673-001-john.09-1026b

Compra Online A MITAD DE PRECIO!! Impeller de repuesto para VOLVO 875808-8/3593659 al Proveedor Mayorista. Venta Online de Accesorios Náuticos Europeos. Recambios de Gran Calidad para Barcos , Embarcaciones y Veleros.Impeller de repuesto para VOLVO 875808-8/3593659, Includes - 2 gasket 1 screwA -12.66mm,B- 50.8mm,C- 22.1mm. Blades - 6impeller de repuesto para volvo 875808-83593659 de barco, impeller de repuesto para volvo 875808-83593659 de embarcacion, impeller de repuesto para volvo 875808-835..

34.54€ Ex Tax: 27.85€

Filter paper diesel engines for MD100A-TMD100A-MB100B-TMD120A-TAMD120A pump BOSCH

Paper fuel for engines MD100A TAMD120A MB100B-TMD120A-TMD100A-PUMP-BOSCH in BATHROOM REF. or. 233897.8 dim. Ø 65 Ø 1 mm. 14.4 drill-Ø 2 mm. 14.4 mm. 51..

17.02€ Ex Tax: 13.72€

Volvo Penta Duo Prop C3 Stainless Steel Propeller Solas

Stainless steel propellers C type designed to blame maximum thrust and speed when necessary, thin blade design. Maggioreresistenza to twisting and fast acceleration. Measure C 3..

1,712.00€ Ex Tax: 1,380.65€

zinc plate for sail drive

Plate for SEA DRIVE 50S (Or. Ref. 855105)..

23.37€ Ex Tax: 18.85€

volvo air filter ref. 3818541

Air filter dim. Ø 302 Ø height 240 mm. 40..

97.29€ Ex Tax: 78.46€

Impeller 875697 VOLVO / 875814

Size Ø 25 Ø 95 mm thick 88.5, nr. 12 blades. Also suitable for CATERPILLAR engines REF. or. 4L8470 DETROIT Rep or. 5196168 VOLVO Rep or. 875697/875814..

94.18€ Ex Tax: 75.95€

zinc cube for leg dpx/ dp-sm / sx-m

Cube for DPX/SX/DP-S legs..

33.05€ Ex Tax: 26.66€

Bar Anode for Volvo Penta DUO PROP DPH-DPR

Bar for DUO PROP DPH-DPR (Or. Ref. 3588745-3588770-3588768)..

30.64€ Ex Tax: 24.71€

cover trasmission bellow Volvo Penta 876294-0

Bellows cover trasmission forAQ200-270-275-280-290 engine. Original reference: 876294-0..

41.82€ Ex Tax: 33.73€

Anode in zinc for folding propeller Sail Drive 100S

Anode for SEAL DRIVE 100 cooler (Or. Ref. 852019)..

28.10€ Ex Tax: 22.66€

universal bar for aq 200-250-270-275-280-285. (rif. or. 832598)

Universal Bar for legs 250-270-275-280-285 HP (Or. Ref. 832598)..

35.68€ Ex Tax: 28.78€

zinc anode for leg 270/280 hp

Anode for trim 270 HP (Or. Ref. 832934)..

37.23€ Ex Tax: 30.02€

volvo air filter ref. 842280

Air filter dim. Ø 196 Ø 106 height 325 mm...

121.06€ Ex Tax: 97.63€

Sleeve Volvo Penta Aq200-250-270-275-280-290-Ref. Article 897599-7 / 875822-9

Double elbowrubber universal sleeve for water intake in stern drive unitsAQ200-250-270-275-280-290Original reference: 897599-7 / 875822-9..

32.00€ Ex Tax: 25.80€

O-ring Volvo Penta 804190

O-ring for flywheel housing. Original reference: 804190..

20.44€ Ex Tax: 16.48€

Collar Zinc Anode for Volvo Penta AQ 280-290 Duo Prop - 875821

Collar For Duo Prop 290 (or. Ref. 875821)..

29.68€ Ex Tax: 23.94€

Ancor mff 57 flanged Cooling pump Volvo Tmd engines

Cooling pump for Isotta Fraschini / Deutz / Crm / Seatek / Volvo Tmd engines...

1,266.21€ Ex Tax: 1,021.14€

aluminium anodes kit for volvo 290 c

Aluminium anodes kit for engine Volvo Penta 290 C..

61.80€ Ex Tax: 49.84€

Aluminum Propeller Solas Amita Volvo SX - OMC King Cobra ve 3 - 14,80 x 17l

3-blade aluminum prop, engine Volvo SX-19 calettaturaa Cobradal 94 onwards OMC King with teeth. Left rotation..

298.09€ Ex Tax: 240.40€

Zinc Plate for Volvo Penta DPR - 3589875-3589876-3589877

Plate for DPH/DPR legs (or.ref. 3588746)..

56.25€ Ex Tax: 45.36€

small bar for manifold tamd 200-250-270 (or. ref. 832989)

Small bar for manifold 200-250-270 (Or. Ref. 832989)..

12.72€ Ex Tax: 10.26€

small plate for 110/120 hp, s-b, s-c (or. ref. 852018)

Small plate for 110/120 HP, S-B, S-C (Or. Ref. 852018)..

12.92€ Ex Tax: 10.42€

volvo acquamatic 89 paint

Nitro-combinated spray-paints for painting and retouching marine engines. Fast-drying, high resistance to scratches and atmospheric agents. Spray ml 400. Packaging. 6 pcs...

16.26€ Ex Tax: 13.11€

Gasket for Volvo Penta Saildrive 854932

Rubber bellows cover trasmission for Sail Drive leg Volvo Or. refere:854932 and Yanmar or.ref.196420-02550)..

70.94€ Ex Tax: 57.21€

coupling sleeve for kad 42 engine

Coupling sleeve for KAD42 engine.Original reference: 860396..

20.20€ Ex Tax: 16.29€

zinc cubo volvo xdp-b

Zinc cube for Volvo engines XDP-B (REF. or. 3861636)..

24.84€ Ex Tax: 20.03€

Kit K24 to fit cable C4 Ultraflex

Kit K24 to fit cable C4 to controls B47/49 for O.M.C. and Volvo...

86.83€ Ex Tax: 70.03€

volvo air filter ref. 858488

Air filter dim. Ø 200 Ø 93 height 100 mm...

22.94€ Ex Tax: 18.50€

Diesel and gasoline engine ignition switch with rubber cap 20 mm

Diesel and gasoline engine ignition switch with rubber cap. Brass body, diameter 45 mm. 4 Terminals - 4 Positions...

32.62€ Ex Tax: 26.30€

Filter oil Volvo Penta

Dim oil filter. Ø Ø 106 mm gasket 72 1-12 UNF pitch 132 mm., engine TMD41A-AQD41A-D41A-TAMD41A-AQAD41A-AD41ATMD41B-TAMD41B-AD41B-TMD41D-B-D41 D41 DTAMD41D-AD41 D..

33.66€ Ex Tax: 27.15€

gir.jab.17018 volvo 3583602-3593573

Size Ø 16 Ø 76.2 mm thick 65, nr. 8 wheel..

56.07€ Ex Tax: 45.22€

volvo impeller 21213660/3862567

Size Ø Ø 32.5 mm thick 14.5 57, nr. 12 blades..

30.53€ Ex Tax: 24.62€