Anodes for Tohatsu Outboards

Anodes for Tohatsu Outboards

Duck & Sail provides to you and for your yacht the excellent Anodes for Tohatsu Outboards delivered straight from our European warehouses. Save your money for fun in the sun and order Anodes for Tohatsu Outboards on-line with the best price. With passion for the sea we have selected Anodes for Tohatsu Outboards and other quality products for sailing, water sports, power boating and various outdoor activities for you to enjoy. Buy Anodes for Tohatsu Outboards now and get your best deal -  from sailor to sailor!

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ring for 2,5/8 hp engine

Ring for 2,5-3,5-5-6-8 HP engine (Or. Ref. 338-60218-2)..

10.27€ Ex Tax: 8.28€

Fin Zinc anode for motor Tohatsu 25/50 HP

Fin for MEGA 25/50 HP engine (Or. Ref. 3C8-60217-0)..

27.16€ Ex Tax: 21.90€

Tohatsu M25E/40C (2ST) engine skeg anode 348-60217-0

Tohatsu M25E/40C (2ST) engine skeg anode. Zn = Zinc..

27.11€ Ex Tax: 21.86€

Tohatsu M60B<>140A (2ST) engine skeg anode 3B7-60217-0

Tohatsu M60B<>140A (2ST) engine skeg anode. Zn = Zinc..

32.33€ Ex Tax: 26.07€

Anode Mercury - Tohatsu 40XR 853762

Tohatsu M25C2/25D/40D/50D(2ST) engine skeg anode. Zn = Zinc..

29.86€ Ex Tax: 24.08€

zinc plate for 40/140 hp engine

Plate for 40/140 HP engine (or.ref. 3M2-60218-1)..

22.96€ Ex Tax: 18.52€

Aluminium Anode for Tohatsu Outboards 140Hp 3V1202170

Fin for140 HP engine (Or. Ref. 3V1602170 )..

23.00€ Ex Tax: 18.55€

zinc fin for engine 25/50hp 2t 25/30hp 4

Fin for 60/70/90/120/140 HP M60C-M140A2 2T - MD70-115 engine (Or. Ref. 3B7-60217-0)..

29.43€ Ex Tax: 23.74€

ring for engine 8/300 hp zinc

Ring for 15/18 HP - S MAXI - 25-40 HP CORSA engine (Or. Ref. 369-60218-1)..

11.20€ Ex Tax: 9.03€