Docking & Mooring Equipment

Docking & Mooring Equipment

Duck & Sail Nautical Store has a wide variety of anchors and anchoring devices as well as mooring gear for your yachts needs.

Duck & Sail's best selling item is the Spade Anchor in its several sizes. Spade anchor is a one type of plough anchor that will dig deeply into the bottom of the sea. Spade anchor is designed so that it compacts the sea floor that prevents its movement. This is the unique feature of the Spade anchor. What matters in Spade anchor is its surface area and not its weight. Spade anchor is used so that you will set it and forget it! The yellow colour of the plough of Spade anchor makes it easy to see trough water. Of course the yellow anchor also looks good on the bow of your yacht. Spade is an easy to use anchor. Since year 2021 Duck & Sail is an official Spade Anchor distributor! Now we have all the Spade Anchor models available including the stainless steel and aluminium versions on top of the best selling galvanized steel Spades.

However anchoring is an art and sure you have your own taste. Pick from our wide selection the anchor that is the best for your sea area. The anchors can be divided into several types: Fisherman type (Herreshoff, Luke), Plow type (CQR, Delta, Kobra), Claw type (Bruce, Spade, Rocna) and Lightweight pivoting triangular flukes (Brittany, Danforth, Performance, Fortress). Well there are actually many choices here. Danforth grabs to rocks due to its gap between the blades, works well in sand and it's benefit is the lightweight design that is ideal for small crafts. Bruce is may be the most common anchor design nowadays but it holds poorly if the bottom is loose material. Plough type of anchors like Delta does not either work well with loose ocean bed. Spade and Rocna are improved designs of claw anchors and work well with most of the sea bed materials.

Combine your quality anchor with our high precision anchor chain, anchor swivel, length of rope for extended length and a robust windlass with good anchor rollers and then you can anchor safely anywhere around the globe. That's a rather big investment but while voyaging at seas it saves you a lot in marina fees and guarantees nice scenery while cruising. Duck & Sail is happy to deliver you the big packet. If you consider ordering the whole kit, be sure to contact us through e-mail or WhatsApp for a bespoke deal for you! As Hal Roth puts it "Always a distant anchorage".

Hal Roth had in his boat "Whisper" the following anchor gear: CQR and its spare, a fisherman anchor, Danforth anchor and its spare (Reference book: "How to sail around the world", Hal Roth). So, if you are serious world traveler you will need several anchors, unfortunately as the sea bottom types do vary. But luckily you will get them from us. Like in technology in general there is plenty of development happening and thus modern day sailors will definitely have Spade or Rocna on bord when sailing around the world.

Please introduce yourself to our offering, ask questions and make good choices. We care for what we sell and we care for our seas. From sailor to Sailors! Duck & Sail