Our Story

Duck & Sail Oy (Ltd.) is an independent nautical store based in Finland. We deliver boat & yacht accessories from several European nautical product whole-sellers. Our goal is to find affordable deals for all our seagoing customers. From Duck & Sail Nautical Store you can find a huge number of quality marine products that are fit for everything from super yachts and sailing yachts to all sizes of power boats and dinghies. Duck & Sail has plenty of recreational boating gear but also broad range of SOLAS approved marine safety devices. Products are mostly made in Europe and we deliver them all over the Europe. We are keen sailors and passionate about our seas. We care for what we do and we care for what we sell! From sailors to sailors!

The origin of our name "Duck & Sail":

"Doek is Dutch for cloth, which evolved into the English word "duck" in reference to sail canvas. Duck was typically made from cotton or linen (flax), with some use of hemp." - Wikipedia's definition of Sailcloth

Anni Duck, our mascot and bow figure, went to the Mediterranean to find a great selection of first-class boating accessories from the Mediterranean cousins. Anni got tired of the limited selection and expensive prices, took his wings and flew south. After spending time at the European sailing and yachting centers in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coasts, Anni flew to Finland in spring 2019 and founded Duck & Sail Oy. But because Anni is just a small duck, she couldn't bring with her all the interesting things. So, we need to help Anni and order those other interesting products from the Duck & Sail online store. Anni's cousins will then send the products directly to you from their Italian and Spanish warehouses.

Bosun Jani is Anni's friend and all sailors' loyal servant at Duck & Sail Nautical Store. 

Jani is maintaining and skippering his own sailing yacht at Baltic Sea. The +30 year old sailing vessel has taught many lessons on how to fix the boat and which spare parts are needed. Jani is certified Professional Skipper for Recreational Boats.

Welcome to Duck & Sail Nautical Store!

Anni & Friends