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thin and aerodinamic design sun-water bimini top that creates more shadow than other standard biminis blue navy fabric -17%
Thin and aerodinamic design sun-water bimini top that creates more shadow than other standard bimini..
331.24€ 275.93€
Ex Tax: 222.52€
max 79 hp at 3000 rpm - 1500 shaft rpm vetus type 6 flexible coupling -17%
Vetus Type 6 flexible coupling with special conic tightening hub for a perfect concentric mount. Wit..
454.67€ 378.74€
Ex Tax: 305.43€
Set 2 pieces universal Fender holders -17%
Nylon UV resistant pair of universal fender holders. It clips with ease to any edge as side windows,..
16.17€ 13.47€
Ex Tax: 10.86€
Anodized Aluminum telescoping boathook 60<>100 cm -17%
Anodized Aluminum pole and Plastic hook tip telescoping boathook. Two ergonomic handles for a comfo..
16.80€ 13.99€
Ex Tax: 11.28€
ANL C Type Ceramic Fuse 40a -17%
Ceramic body ANL-C type blade fuses...
8.31€ 6.92€
Ex Tax: 5.58€
electromechanical hatch lifters 24v stroke 300 mm. -17%
Electromechanical hatch lifters allow full or partial opening and closing of heavy engine hatches, p..
554.15€ 461.60€
Ex Tax: 372.26€
black letters and numbers 250 mm letter k -41%
Self adhesive letters and numbers made in bright vinyl, For boats registration, according to new rul..
1.48€ 0.88€
Ex Tax: 0.71€
Pontoon watertight Electrical plugs CE Ip67 32a 380v -17%
5-Pole CE IP67 watertight plugs and sockets...
43.73€ 36.42€
Ex Tax: 29.37€

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