From Duck & Sail Nautical Store you can find a huge number of quality marine products that are fit for everything from super yachts and sailing yachts to small power boats and dinghies. Products are mostly made in Europe and we deliver them all over the Europe. We are keen sailors and passionate about our seas. We care for what we do and we care for what we sell! From sailors to sailors!


Submersible bilge pump WB 550gph 12v -17%
BW-C compact submersible bilge pump...
20.44€ 17.03€
Ex Tax: 13.73€
Marine latch recessed stainless steel unlocked -17%
Die cast AISI 316 stainless steel flush lift ring. Completely waterproof, for doors, external doors ..
36.38€ 30.30€
Ex Tax: 24.44€
Sail Drive Propellers Three Blades 17X12 -17%
3 Blades Aluminum Magnesium alloy Sail Drive propellers. Dinamically balanced, corrosion and impact..
421.09€ 350.77€
Ex Tax: 282.88€
Parafil Wire Fork Terminal 7 mm -17%
Aisi 316 Stainless Steel Parafil Swage Terminal. Size: Wire 7Ø Mm. C 5mm. D 6mm. L 75mm...
15.61€ 13.01€
Ex Tax: 10.49€
Steering Cable Ultraflex M58 2.44 m -17%
M58 Cable for T67 Ultraflex steering helms. It can be mounted on C230/231 Morse - Compac T Teleflex ..
127.59€ 106.28€
Ex Tax: 85.71€
Fitting of ventilation chrome 1 1/2 inches for deposits -17%
Tank’s vent chrome-plated straight model..
55.97€ 46.62€
Ex Tax: 37.60€
Flexible PVC hose reinforced with steel core. Inner Diameter 35 mm -17%
PVC transparent hose with steel wire spiral reinforcement. Non toxic.Temperature range -10°C +60°C...
227.62€ 189.61€
Ex Tax: 152.91€
Self Adhesive J Vinyl Letter - Light Blue - 200mm -40%
Letters and numbers, adhesive, equipped with self-alignment system and salt-resistant glue..
3.36€ 2.00€
Ex Tax: 1.61€

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