From Duck & Sail Nautical Store you can find a huge number of quality marine products that are fit for everything from super yachts and sailing yachts to small power boats and dinghies. Products are mostly made in Europe and we deliver them all over the Europe. We are keen sailors and passionate about our seas. We care for what we do and we care for what we sell! From sailors to sailors!


Double braid100% polyester high tenacity braid, with external sheet and inner core. Special manufact..
Ex Tax: 0.90€
Halyard Rope Double Braid Yellow Polyester High Tenacity 16 mm Currently out of stock.
Double Braid100% Polyester High Tenacity Braid, With External Sheet And Inner Core. Special Manufact..
Ex Tax: 8.13€
100% Stretch Polyester, Washable At 40 ° C In The Washing Machine, Do Not Matte The Hull, Self-locki..
Ex Tax: 28.00€
Johnson reinforced Nitrile diaphragm pump, self-priming up to a height of 3m. For waste water or to ..
Ex Tax: 221.72€
3320079 Washers fix the panels with tapping or machine screws. 3320080 Harpoon plates can be fixed ..
Ex Tax: 1.16€
Strong fleece Fendress fender covers for Mega Fender fenders. Protects Mega Fenders eliminating wea..
Ex Tax: 257.47€
Premium quality outboard motor covers made of 100% waterproof Polyester 420D PVC coated fabrics. UV..
Ex Tax: 15.94€
Marinco Stainless Steel Easy Lock Plug 220v , 32amp Bestseller
AISI 316 Stainless Steel easy Lock Inlet , include a heavy duty cap strap for strength and durabilit..
Ex Tax: 175.75€

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