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Pair of Universal Stainless Steel Trim Tabs mm.400x230 -17%
Pair of stainless steel tabs, thickness mm. 3..
246.36€ 205.22€
Ex Tax: 165.50€
bronze self-priming pumps st136 -17%
The feature is to have a bypass valve that guarantees a constant quiet flow even at low flow rates, ..
184.93€ 154.05€
Ex Tax: 124.23€
flat base for art.6354056 -17%
Flat base in anodized aluminum Ø m. 180 (Do ot need flush mount) for art.63.54054/55/56...
25.44€ 21.19€
Ex Tax: 17.09€
Bronze Through Hull Fittings Guidi 3" -17% Bestseller
Bronze through hull with beveled bottom edge, matched to the headset Manta it creates an outlet to t..
234.25€ 195.13€
Ex Tax: 157.36€
Transmission Oil YANMAR GEAR SAE30 1LT -17%
Yanmar Premium Transmission SAE 30 mechanic gearbox oil...
31.91€ 26.58€
Ex Tax: 21.44€
Activator 30ml for Adeprene adhesives -17% Bestseller
2 component , catalyst for Adeprene adhesives..
14.56€ 12.13€
Ex Tax: 9.78€
brass tee for hose mm.8 Hydraulic -17%
Tee 1/ 4 gas fitting, Nickel plated brass, for plastic hose Ø 6x8 mm. thread,or copper tube Ø 8 mm...
40.31€ 33.58€
Ex Tax: 27.08€
Ferretti Shaft Anode D55 -17%
Ogive Ferretti anode with conic insert for propeller shafts...
68.17€ 56.78€
Ex Tax: 45.79€

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